World Drumming


World drumming workshops are an eclectic mix of African, Samba and Latin American sounds.


From the jungle rhythms and hand-made instruments from Africa, to the driving carnival beats of Brazilian Samba drums and with the smooth sophisticated sounds from Latin American, World drumming workshops are an exciting blend of sound textures.


As well as learning about the various ways the instruments are made and played, we combine and contrast instruments from different regions (eg playing African drums with Latin American percussion, Latin American drums with Samba percussion etc). Each child has the opportunity of playing instruments they have never heard or seen before.


Then, as a bit of fun, each class is invited to vote for their preferred sound - African, Samba or Latin American. At the end of the day, I collate all the results from every class and discover which group of instruments the school (as a whole) prefers. Sometime, the results can be quite surprising!

"Surdo Drum Aluminium - 20" x 24""

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These workshops are ideal for the whole school. A typical timetable for classes of up to 35 pupils would be:



9:00 9:30

Year 1

9:30 10:00

Yr 1/Yr2

10:00 10:30







Year 2

10:45 11:15

Year 3

11:15 11:45







Year 4

1:20 2:00

Year 5

2:00 2:40

Year 6

2:40 3:20


Due to the number of instruments used, World Drumming workshop should be located in a large hall with each session lasting between 30-60 minutes.