Description: World of DrumsWelcome to my WORLD of DRUMS website where you can find details of all my workshops and information on the equipment I use.


I have run many drumming workshops throughout the North West of England over the past ten years and nearly 40,000 people have enjoyed playing on my drums.


I run African and Samba drum workshops in schools, youth clubs, guide/scout camps, holiday clubs and for those with learning difficulties and special needs.  For an interesting mix of African, Samba and Latin American sounds, I offer World Drumming workshops using dozens of authentic instruments.


I also run a Science of Sound workshop as part of the Science curriculum which explores how sound is produced using a variety of drums and percussion instruments from around the world.  Ideal for Key Stage 2 children (7-11 years), each hour-long session brings together science and drumming in a fun, unique and informative way.


If you want to arrange a booking or require further information, then please contact me using details at the top of the page.


Thank you.


Peter Buckley